About G/O Media

G/O Media is a premium digital publishing company with a portfolio of brands defined by journalism that is thought-leading, independent and rabidly passionate. 

We attract fans who reflect that: influential word-of-mouthers who are the go-to’s within their social sets for opinion and for recommendation. 

Our synced content ecosystem encompasses lifestyle, popular culture, current affairs and vertical passion points, allowing our partners to capture market share, both broad stroke and hyper targeted. 

G/O Media sites fire brand loyalty, boast enviable engagement metrics and deliver an untapped—unduplicated—contemporary consumer versus the competition. 

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Our Values

We are action oriented. When faced with a choice of action or inaction, we DO SOMETHING.

We believe in our people. We trust that when they “do something” they will DO THE RIGHT THING.

We are AMBITIOUS as a company and individuals.

We are GOAL ORIENTED and always looking to push ourselves to the next step up.

We will be at our best when we embrace many different perspectives and experiences. DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION are core to our culture, and we expect all staff to advance and promote that.

We value AUTHENTICITY in our editorial voice and always uphold the highest standards of EDITORIAL INDEPENDENCE.

We believe in HONEST, RESPECTFUL AND OPEN COMMUNICATION within our company to help all do a better job.

We respect and value our audiences and marketing partners. Thus we deliver our editorial content and conduct our day-to-day business activities with the UTMOST INTEGRITY.

We want our work environment to be one where people can BE PASSIONATE AND HAVE FUN.

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General inquiries: contactus@g-omedia.com

Advertising inquiries: advertising@g-omedia.com

Press inquiries: press@g-omedia.com

NYC: 1290 Avenue of the Americas, FL 6, New York NY 10104

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