Our Brands

We Come From The Future

Gizmodo’s core mission is to bring readers irreverent and outspoken stories about how  technology, science and machines are revolutionizing our lives—today and in the future—from everyday electronics to game-changing breakthroughs.


Drive Free or Die

Jalopnik is a news and opinion site about cars, motorcycles, racing, the automotive industry, transportation, technology and much more. Unlike the usual press-release driven reviews we cover these things with honesty, transparency and cheerful belligerence that you won’t find anywhere else.

Gaming Reviews, News, Tips and More

Kotaku is the most thought-provoking, unabashedly excited game culture outlet on the web. It’s the only destination that embraces not only game news and reviews, but also the playing community as a whole. Games are everywhere, and so is Kotaku.

Make business better

Quartz is a digitally native news organization with a mission to make business better. Our journalists around the world specialize in analysis of the global economy for an audience of purpose-driven professionals. We help our readers discover new industries, new markets, and new ways of doing business that are more sustainable, innovative, and inclusive. Quartz is the top business publication for global executives ages 25-45, and we have been a pioneer in premium, mobile-first, native advertising experiences since our founding in 2012.

The Blacker The Content The Sweeter The Truth

 The Root provides an unflinching examination of culturally-relevant news through insightful debate and commentary from both established and emerging black thought-leaders. It features unvarnished analysis of important issues in the black community and engages anyone looking for diverse viewpoints thatare provocative, savvy, and smart.


It’s All Consuming

The Inventory is G/O Media’s Commerce Team’s standalone site that features a broad range of consumer product categories including Technology, Home Goods, Lifestyle Upgrades, and Outdoor Gear – in the form of reviews, buying guides, roundups, gift guides, news coverage, and much, much more.